We are a network of groups dedicated to strengthening San Diego’s economic and civic opportunities. Here are a few of the people we have been fortunate to help at P4P.

Meet Ana

She worked for years at a Mexican restaurant. Ana suffered a work injury in September 2014 and only then did her employer begin given her a lunch break. Prior to this she would work up to 12 hours with no overtime being paid, no 10 min breaks or lunch breaks. After her injury she received a pay cut from $12 to $10 an hour.

Issue: Worker’s Rights

Meet Rosa

Rosa worked at a restaurant for 20 years, she was injured on the job but kept working.  However, the injuries forced her take unpaid time off to heal.   When she came back they kept cutting her hours and eventually let her go. She never received worker’s comp or paid sick leave for her injury.

Issue: Worker’s Rights

Meet Kelly

Kelly was employed for several months when she found out she was five weeks pregnant. Kelly notified her supervisor right away. She was still capable of performing her duties early in the pregnancy. Two weeks after notifying her supervisor, Kelly was let go. Kelly’s supervisor felt she “would not be able to perform her job anymore.” Kelly was not given the option of modified work, but more importantly, she didn’t know she could ask for it.

Partner for Progress organization and the Employee Rights Center is working with Kelly now to explore her rights and options.

Issue: Worker’s Rights

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